The Hyundai Gallery is one of the largest Hyundai dealerships in Western ...
The Hyundai Gallery is one of the largest Hyundai dealerships in Western ...

Unexpected Value. Refreshing Experience.

Welcome to Hyundai Gallery, where we're committed to providing you with unexpected value and a refreshing experience. We present all information up front, giving you the dealership experience you can truly feel comfortable with. Our staff and service are consistently ranked tops in the nation for customer satisfaction. 

We are part of the Dilawri Group of Companies - a national group of dealerships built on foundations of an industry-leading vision, a definitive mission and exceptionally high value and service expectations for each interaction you have with us.

Dilawri Group dealerships were  founded on a common vision of Uncompromised Excellence. We strive to be a leader in the market by offering exceptional service to every customer that comes through our doors. We offer competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff, and superior service. With a commitment to maintaining the highest level of integrity with customers, manufacturers and employees, we’re building a dynamic company that puts people first.

Our donations and philanthropic endeavours through the Dilawri Foundation have enabled us to support our communities and make significant differences in the lives of our fellow Canadians.


Doug McLean

Doug McLean | General Manager

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Doug McLean
Trevor  Gordon

Trevor Gordon | Sales Manager - New Vehicles

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Trevor Gordon
Russell McLachlan

Russell McLachlan | Service Manager

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Russell McLachlan
Duane  Ives

Duane Ives | Parts Manager

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Duane Ives
Amber Dziwenka

Amber Dziwenka | Manager, Dilawri Customer Contact Centre - Alberta

Jonathan  Jackson

Jonathan Jackson | Financial Services Manager

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Jonathan Jackson
Stefan Motuz

Stefan Motuz | Financial Services Manager

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Stefan Motuz
Eddie Ng

Eddie Ng | Financial Services Manager

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Eddie Ng
Curtis Mutton

Curtis Mutton | Sales Consultant

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Curtis Mutton
Ryan Vescarelli

Ryan Vescarelli | Sales Consultant

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Ryan Vescarelli
Lance Carmen

Lance Carmen | Sales Consultant

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Lance Carmen
Claudia Park

Claudia Park | Sales Consultant

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Claudia Park
David  Monteith

David Monteith | Sales Consultant

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: David Monteith
Kevin  Amey

Kevin Amey | Sales Consultant

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Kevin Amey
Justin  Styler

Justin Styler | Sales Consultant

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Justin Styler
Kay Meister

Kay Meister | Sales Administrator

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Kay Meister
Samantha Faltus

Samantha Faltus | Warranty / Internal Advsior

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Samantha Faltus
Bob Housley

Bob Housley | Service Advisor

Phone: 403.225.6392 • Email: Bob Housley
April Thomas

April Thomas | Service Advisor

Phone: 403.225.6393 • Email: April Thomas
Luis Reyes

Luis Reyes | Service Advisor

Phone: 403.225.6391 • Email: Luis Reyes
Jesse Boros

Jesse Boros | Service Appointment Coordinator

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Jesse Boros
Sean Dore

Sean Dore | Parts Advisor

Phone: 403.225.6512 • Email: Sean Dore
Dinno Eustaquio

Dinno Eustaquio | Parts Advisor

Phone: 403.225.6512
David Symcox

David Symcox | Shop Foreman

Phone: 403.225.6512
Serg Azevedo

Serg Azevedo | Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
David  Brereton

David Brereton | Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
Mariusz Kotarba

Mariusz Kotarba | Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
Kevin Styler

Kevin Styler | Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
J.C. Arnold

J.C. Arnold | Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
Christian Brennen

Christian Brennen | Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
Adil El Qasmi

Adil El Qasmi | Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
Bradley Rieger

Bradley Rieger | Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
Garrett Esau

Garrett Esau | Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
Pill Jung

Pill Jung | Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
Scott Gleisner

Scott Gleisner | Apprentice Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
Sara Halinen

Sara Halinen | Apprentice Technician

Phone: 403.225.6512
Benson  Dela Pena

Benson Dela Pena | Detailer

Phone: 403.225.6512
Tashika Mitchell

Tashika Mitchell | Reception

Phone: 403.225.6512
Paige Macdonald

Paige Macdonald | Reception

Phone: 403.225.6512
Monica  Stoianov

Monica Stoianov | Reception

Nathan Aisenstat

Nathan Aisenstat | Logistics Coordinator

Phone: 403.225.6512
Kathleen Meiritz

Kathleen Meiritz | Shuttle Driver

Phone: 403.225.6512
Joel  Bourne

Joel Bourne | Service Lot Attendant / Shuttle Driver

Phone: 403.225.6512
John Paul Tinio

John Paul Tinio | Service Lot Attendant

Phone: 403.225.6512
Carlo Tamayo

Carlo Tamayo | Regional Customer Contact Representative

Catherlina Yip

Catherlina Yip | Regional Customer Contact Representative

Farzeen Manji

Farzeen Manji | Regional Customer Contact Representative

Lorraine Anderson

Lorraine Anderson | Regional Customer Contact Representative

Sara Brickey

Sara Brickey | Regional Customer Contact Representative